Investment Advisory Services

Cerner provides retirement income planning services as well as general investment advisory services to help our clients meet their needs. Our overriding investment philosophy is to focus on yield producing investments while providing capital preservation. This is primarily accomplished through our Dividend Value equity strategy, but we will also look for opportunities within fixed income as we make asset allocation recommendations based on each client's tailored risk profile. While our dividend driven investment philosophy is consistently applied across all client portfolios, we recognize that all portfolios are not the same. Each client's specific circumstances are carefully considered and we are cognizant about making significant changes to existing portfolios that could trigger a tax event or that may disrupt a position that a client may wish to retain.

Our Dividend Value equity strategy employs a tactical investment philosophy that helps mitigate risk. We focus on dividend yielding stocks that generate significant free cash flow above their ability to service the dividend. In addition, our tactical approach makes us agnostic toward market capitalization, geography and sector. As value investors, we will hold cash within the portfolios if the price of stocks or equity risk premium does not justify investment. As as result, we focus on dividend yield with capital preservation while driving risk-adjusted absolute returns for the client.

All client portfolios are separately managed and investments are held at the custodian chosen by the client. Therefore, investment accounts are in the client's name and only accessible by the client. As such, there are no lock-up periods, gates, etc when the client needs to access their funds. Cerner Capital will provide a quarterly review to the client that includes performance data as well as the firm's view of the market and strategy performance. The independent custodian will provide a monthly statement and year-end tax information.